We offer from basic to enhanced online Quran learning courses, including Islamic principals, Short Surah, Essential Dua and basic Arabic course. Please click on the buttons below for relevant course material.

Course Materials

All our online Quran learning programs are available to individuals of all ages. We are constantly improving our courses and learning techniques, your suggestions are always appreciated. We offer one-to-one classes, we also have a very popular family package as well. Our Quran tutors assess the students in trial and decide teaching methods accordingly. Our courses include learning the Quran for kids, basic Qaida, memorization of the Holy Quran for students wishing to memorize the holy book. We also offer Quran reading with Tajwid or Tajweed. Quran Tafsir or Tafseer course is designed to understand the perspective of all Quranic verses and their explanation in the context of the Sahih Hadith. Our most popular program is Quran reading in which one can learn how to correctly read the Quran. This reading course is specifically designed for the kids and adults who have learned the basic rules of Tajweed or Tajwid to read the Holy Quran in the proper and accurate manner. Our expert teachers will guide the student on how to read the Quran properly. Our Hadith course is in pipeline and will be offered soon in which we will be covering authentic hadith, the chain of narrators, types of Hadith. This course will cover the teachings of the Holy Prophet PBUH in line with learning the Quran. This course is for scholars, students, and the general public. A course is being prepared with expertise in the hadith science and related techniques. We will announce the course soon most likely in winter or spring.

Besides the regular course material, our tutors use diagrams, images, and animations especially for the kids so that they can learn the Islamic values. These are always helpful in learning the basic Islamic principles and traditions.